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Cable Dominator Purchase Analysis

Cost vs. Insurance Claims

Railcar related accidents are the most expensive injury claims a distribution site faces. Sites that protect their workers with a Cable Dominator have eliminated this number one cause for insurance claims. Workers no longer ascend and descend the seventeen foot height to the top of a railcar, and no longer have a need to illegally walk the center beam. 

Most railcars carry a manufacturers warning  “Caution: no walking surface on top of car”. Knowingly allowing a worker to walk the center beam can be construed as willful negligence. An injury claim runs thousands, a negligence claim will cost millions.

 Cost vs. Labor

The Cable Dominator is a time and labor saving device. By design, the assignment to un-cable, requires, just one person and a forklift. It’s also faster; the three claws design allows one driver to un-cable three steel cables at a time.  The alternative man in a cage method requires two personnel and twice as many forklift repositions.

Cost vs. Safety Discrepancy

If climbing to, and working at dangerous heights, is implicit within an assignment, and management does not acknowledge the risk, if it turns a blind eye, then management undermines all other efforts to promote safety on the site. Providing a Cable Dominator emphasizes a commitment to safety.

Cost Benefit Ratio

The Cable Dominator is a durable equipment investment.  Only one unit is generally needed at each rail spur.


Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 2012, “Fatal falls, slips, or trips took the lives of 666 workers in 2011, or about 14 percent of all fatal work injuries. Falls to lower level accounted for 541 of those fatalities.  Of those 451 cases,…115 occurred after a fall of 10 feet or less. Another fourth (118) occurred from a fall of over 30 feet.”

With the advent of the Cable Dominator it is no longer necessary to ask a worker to do a job that may result in life changing injury or fatality. Because it was developed by a forklift operator, the Cable Dominator fits the job, it reduces labor, saves time and lives.

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