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How to:

Position the Cable Dominator on a forklift

1. Begin with the Cable Dominator flat on the ground with open access to the forklift sleeves. (many of our customers assign it a parking space)

 2. Prepare for use by driving the tines of  the forklift into the sleeves. (an action similar to loading a pallet: mast straight, forks within the slots)



3. Raise the Cable Dominator (approximately 4ft,  waist high)

4. Get off the forklift. Wrap and then secure, the safety chains around the mast columns on both the right and left sides.

5. Return to the cab, back tilt, then drive to the unloading area.



Prepare the cables

1. At the bottom edge of the rail car, unlock the ratchet that holds the cable taut.

2. Unwind the cable an arms length, to make it slack.

Loosen every cable on the car before working the Cable Dominator.

Mark the forklift mast

1. Position the forklift in front of the first three cables. (most drivers prefer to work a rail car from right to left) The mast angle should be nearly

STRAIGHT up, with just a slight tilt FORWARD so that the screen hangs freely and does not bang

against either the forklift or the lumber load.

2. Raise the Cable Dominator claws (yellow feet) to a height 3” above the center beam.

3. Get off the forklift and back away from the car, far enough to verify that the claws are 3” above the center beam.

4. Mark the mast with white lumber chalk or paint where the two stages come together. This becomes your reference point when lifting the chain out of the keyhole.






Grab and release the cables

1. Side shift full left.

2. Working near the top front edge of the load, align the claws (yellow feet), just to the left of the cable wires.

3. Maintain the slight tilt forward mast position

4. Stop then side shift right, enough to capture the cable wire.

5. Slowly raise the claw above the center

beam, observing the cables at this point will show if they are within the grasp of the claws. (This is where the white mark on the mast is helpful, as crashing into the center beam can damage both the beam and the Cable Dominator)

6. Maintain the slight tilt forward mast position

7. Inch forward until the cables pop out of the keyhole.

8. If the cable rests on top of the load, lower the claws onto the cables and rake them off.

9. Reposition and repeat until every anchor point is un-cabled.

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